A critical issue that we are faced with is the enormous learning deficit in children. Various studies have established that a sizeable number of children in pre-primary, primary and post-primary grades, lack the basic language and mathematical skills necessary for engaging with the curriculum in higher grades. Children are promoted to higher classes without the foundation skills of reading, writing and basic mathematics as a result they remain disinterested in the classroom, perform poorly, develop low self-esteem and finally start dropping out from schools in large numbers. Exclusion from learning leads to their exclusion from schooling itself.

Swadeep is implementing partner of the Project Vidhya Jyot which is in partnership with GHCL Foundation Trust. The main objective of the project is to reaching out to the key stakeholders to bring about an improvement in the quality of schooling experiences and establish inter-linkages between the needs of the Anganwadi worker, Government school teachers, higher secondary school teacher/project staff and children.  The strategy includes key focus areas - Access, Learning, Participation, and Governance and Systemic integration - a continuum that provides a cohesive framework for intervention. Focus on all these components in an integrated manner will bring about a change that will be holistic and sustainable. 

Swadeep is currently implementing field based programs, in partnership with the GHCL Foundation trust,  62 ICDS centre, 11 primary schools, 4 higher secondary school and 3 Site School project in Sutrapada and Veraval  block of Gir Somanath district, With the focus on strengthening learning levels from pre-primary,  primary grades onwards and supporting children to complete schooling, Swadeep demonstrates and motivates Anganwadi worker, government school teachers to participate (through training & classroom practice), build capacity of the School Management Committee, PRIs member, parents and youth. 

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Who We Are?

SWADEEP was established in 2005, focusing on sustainable and integrated Rural Development of the vulnerable, with a special focus on children and women. The organization lays emphasis on transparency, accountability, community mobilization, participation and ownership.