The coastline of Amreli covered two block Jafrabad & Rajula, Gujarat state 1600 km coastline. This however, does not translate itself into being the highest production area in the state. The production figures are around 5 % of the state production. The district has over 12 landing centres and about Jafrabad blocks 5 village 1655 families engaged with fishing.

Infrastructure facilities with Fisher folk is on the lower end. The table below establishes this point. On almost all counts the number of fishing crafts and gears shows that infrastructure with fisher folk is inferior if not less. However, one must not conclude that this does nor infer that the catch in the waters are less. There are quite a number of boats and fishing vessels registered at other ports active in the area. Similarly, as regards to processing infrastructure and support services Kutch also has a dismal show.

SAGAR MITRA PROGRAM has been initiated by APM-Terminal PIPAVAV to support Swadeep, which is being owned by APMT. The main objective of the project is to ensure holistic development of livelihood option for the Shiyalbet Bandar of Jafrabad Taluka in Amreli, especially that of fishermen. To fulfill this objective it will be necessary to create organizations and implement skill enhancement of the current livelihood system and thus increase the opportunities for the same. This project focuses on establishing collaborations with Government on various projects through the existing schemes in which rural development committee will have important role in insuring implementation. By doing this they aim to enhance the livelihood of the fishing community through creating institutions. The institutions will carry out planning and management of program will intends to improve the socio-economic status of fisherman community at Shiyalbet.

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Who We Are?

SWADEEP was established in 2005, focusing on sustainable and integrated Rural Development of the vulnerable, with a special focus on children and women. The organization lays emphasis on transparency, accountability, community mobilization, participation and ownership.